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Why wedding photography is the most important expense of your wedding

Hiring a GOOD wedding photographer or cinematographer is an investment, but it is a priceless one. I would argue that it is the single most important wedding expense. Why? Hear me out:

1.You may be spending a lot of money for your wedding dress, for booking your venue or for the ceremony decorations. Those moments are fleeting, and once the excitement of the big day fades, so will the memories of those little details. A good wedding photographer/cinematographer ensures that all those beautiful touches are memorialized forever in vivid detail so that you can relive them again and again for the rest of your lives.

2. A good wedding photographer can make any venue or location look amazing, and have a perceptive eye to find the best places to take photos. If you’re worried about your prep location not being ideal for pictures, or about the weather on the day of ruining shots, a good wedding photographer will put your mind at ease and ensure you get gorgeous pictures, no matter the day or location.

3. A good wedding photographer knows how to pose you to look your best. A lot of what goes into make a photo great is how the subjects are posed. A good photographer knows exactly how to talk you through the process and position you to show you in the most flattering way!

4. If you’re eloping/not having a big wedding, wedding photography/cinematography is important too! A good photographer will immortalize your experience in a journey of photographs so you can share the joy of your day with everyone who wasn’t present. A good cinematographer will capture the vows you make to each other so you can always look back and hear the promises you make to each other.

So, isn’t all that worth hiring a good artist for?