Why wedding photography is the most important expense of your wedding

September 24, 2022

Why wedding photography is the most important expense of your wedding

Hiring a GOOD wedding photographer is an investment, but it is a priceless one. It may even be your single most important wedding expense. Why?

1. The details will be preserved forever. You may be spending a lot of money for your wedding dress, for booking your venue or for the ceremony decorations. Those moments are fleeting, and once the excitement of the big day fades, so will the memories of those little details. A good wedding photographer ensures that all those beautiful touches are memorialized forever in vivid detail so that you can relive them again and again for the rest of your lives.

2. Your venue will look amazing. A good wedding photographer can make any location look amazing, whether it is a grand ballroom, a backyard, or a clearing in the woods. They will have a perceptive eye to find the best places and angles to take photos. If you’re worried about your prep location not being ideal for pictures, or about the weather on the day of ruining shots, a good wedding photographer will put your mind at ease and ensure you get gorgeous pictures, no matter the day or location.

3. You will feel comfortable and natural in front of the camera. Many couples have never had professional photos taken of them, and often feel a bit nervous and awkward about having their photo taken. That’s completely normal! A good wedding photographer will develop a relationship with you so you feel at ease posing in front of them. You take your best photos when you feel most comfortable, so this is crucial!

4. A good wedding photographer knows how to pose you to look your best. A lot of what goes into make a photo great is how the subjects are posed. A good photographer knows exactly how to talk you through the process and position you to show you in the most flattering way!

5. Your friends and family members will be captured in beautiful detail on your big day. This may be one of the only moments in your life when all the most important people in your life are gathered around you at the same time, and it is a priceless gift to have an album you can look back on to see them all celebrating with you on your wedding day!

6. You’ll have an expert on hand who can help out with wedding day mishaps. Having an experienced wedding photographer by your side at your wedding can make the difference between a seamless day and a stressful one! Experienced photographers who have been to dozens and even hundreds of weddings know how to navigate all the timeline crunches, wardrobe malfunctions and weather incidents you might experience on your big day, and will help guide you through any issues you might encounter. I’ve helped grooms tie their bow ties, brides carry their trains, rearranged decor and hiked up mountains for photos. You’ll feel like you have a friend and cheerleader by your side instead of just someone with a camera!

7. Your love will be documented forever. This is the most important thing, of course! Your big day is all about you and your partner’s love for each other, and your photographer will be there to capture the moment your bond is sealed for eternity. Your signature wedding album will become a family heirloom to be shared with and passed down to your children and grandchildren, a physical keepsake containing your beautiful memories to be touched and held in the decades to come.

So, isn’t all that worth hiring a good artist for?

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