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Why work with me?

There are hundreds of wedding photography companies in this area. Why should we work with you?

There are so many choices for wedding photography/cinematography, so it can be overwhelming to try to make a choice for your own wedding! Let me try to outline what I offer that other companies may not.

First off, I am not a large company you book with where you might not even know who will be capturing your wedding until they show up the day of! (Seriously — I’ve worked for some of these companies in the past.) I am a small business that gives you a personalized experience every step of the way. I work closely with you in the weeks and days leading up to your big day to ensure everything goes smoothly and to establish a relationship with you!

My couples know me best for my stunningly fast turnaround time. You may have to wait a month for your photos or half a year at some companies to receive your wedding film, but I return images in under 5 days and films within 30 days.

In addition, I value each and every one of the couples I work with. It’s my goal to create an incredible experience for you from our first phone call to the delivery of your final products, and hopefully throughout future opportunities to work together with you!

Finally, I have shot dozens and dozens of weddings and each event has been a joy. I revel in the laughter and love at every wedding and feel honored to have to privilege to capture them on camera for my couples. I hope to have the opportunity to preserve the joy at your wedding for the years to come!