Top 7 Things to Consider When Looking for a Wedding Photographer

September 6, 2022

The Top 7 Things to Consider When Looking for a Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography is the most important expense of your wedding, so choosing a wedding photographer wisely is critical. Here are the top 7 things you should think about while looking for your wedding photographer:

1. Does the photographer’s style match your vision? Every photographer has a different style. Some focus on producing bright, airy images to create a clean appearance, and others like to bring out the shadows for a more dramatic look. Some may revel in climactic urban cityscapes and architectural backgrounds, while others delight in stunning natural environments for a breathtaking backdrop. Carefully review your photographer’s portfolio to make sure their style matches what your vision is for your wedding photos!

2. Will you be able to share, print, and edit your wedding photos? Understanding your rights around what you can do with your wedding photos is important to discuss with your photographer. Typically, the photographer will own the rights to the images, but give the couple personal printing and sharing rights. Some have specific restrictions on what kind of edits you are allowed to make on your photos. Make sure to check with your photographer so you know exactly what you can and cannot do with your images.

3. When will you get your images back? Knowing the turnaround time for your final edited photos will help ease your mind and understand exactly when you can expect your images. Some photographers quote eight weeks to receive your full gallery of wedding photos, and others may take six months. At Emelyn Productions, you can expect to receive your images and films back within 60 days!

4. What is included in your package? Make sure you know the details of the photography package you are purchasing. How many images should you expect? Will they be in color or black and white? What format will they be in? What kind of retouching will be done?

5. Do you mesh well with your photographer’s personality? Try to set up a video chat or phone call with your photographer before booking. Look for a friendly, bold, and organized photographer who is punctual and enthusiastic about their work. Make sure you like who you’re working with and are comfortable with them — a good photographer will make you feel at ease in front of the camera!

6. Use the engagement session as a trial run. An even better way to gauge how you will work with your photographer is to book them for your engagement session! This will allow you to meet in person, understand how they work and see their shooting and editing style. An engagement session also gives the photographer a chance to learn about you and your future spouse, understand what you are and are not comfortable with, and what kind of vision they have for their wedding photos!

7. What are other couples saying about your photographer? Check out reviews from newlyweds and see what their experiences were like working with your photographer. Is the feedback mostly positive? What are couples highlighting about their work? How do they interact with people on social media?

Considering these important questions while deciding on your wedding photographer will help you narrow down your search and find the perfect photographer for your big day!

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