How to look amazing in wedding pictures

September 20, 2022

How to look amazing in wedding pictures

Do you ever take a picture and look at it and think, that’s not what I look like at all? If you are a bride-to-be, you want to look your best in your wedding pictures! A lot of couples are nervous about being on camera, and it’s normal to feel anxious about your portraits. Your wedding photographer is here to help you feel confident and look amazing! Whether you want to flatter your form, appear relaxed and joyful, or look slimmer on camera, here are my top tips to make your future spouse fall over when you get your photos back.

1. Find a photographer you trust. This may be the most important factor in helping your wedding photos look perfect. If you don’t feel comfortable around your photographer, this will cause you to look stiff and unnatural when you pose for portraits. Make sure to set up a phone or video call with your photographer before your wedding to gauge your chemistry. Even better, book them for your engagement session!

2. Your hands are crucial to making a portrait look natural. Always try to do something with your hands – put them around your partner’s neck, touch your cheek, hold your bouquet up, or hold your partner’s hand. Your photographer should guide you in what to do with your hands if you’re feeling awkward and unnatural. 

3. Practice this classic red carpet pose. Rotate your body 45 degrees away from the camera and shift your weight onto your rear leg. Bend your front knee a little. This pose instantly helps you look natural and confident on camera!

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4. Double chins can strike even the slimmest people on camera. This is mostly due to posing and camera angles. Avoid the double chin by raising your chin a little to elongate your neck and pushing your forehead out slightly. Your photographer can also help with this by shooting down on you from a higher elevation, like a chair or stone wall.

5. Keep a gap between your arms and your torso. You can achieve this by posing with a hand on your hip, and keeping your elbow pointed outwards. This pose helps slim your arms immensely and reduce the flattening effect of your arm pressed against your body. It also defines your waistline and slims your torso!

6. Communicate with your photographer about what you’re comfortable with. For example, if you’re not into PDA, there isn’t much of a point in getting dozens of pictures of you kissing, which is what many photographers do. Posing in ways you’re comfortable will help you look relaxed and happy.

7. Hold your bouquet towards the camera. No matter where your photographer moves, make sure to point the bouquet towards the lens for the most photogenic image.

8. Tell your photographer if you have a side you prefer to be photographed on, or if you have any insecurities you would like to hide on camera. They are here to help you look your best and will make sure to take your requests into consideration.

Use these tips for your engagement and wedding portrait session and be stunned by how incredible you look! 

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