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General FAQs

What styles do you specialize in?
My style is dramatic and nature-inspired. I love working with light and shadows to create powerful images, and my favorite locations to shoot are mountains, forests, lakes, and other beautiful places outdoors. You’ll see earth tones being emphasized in my photos. I use black and white photography to bring further emotion to some images.

Can you do both photography and cinematography at the same event?
If you would like a combined photo and video package, please contact me for details.

Will you be very noticeable or distracting while shooting throughout the day?
I’ll do my very best not to! For the formal shots of your wedding party, I’ll be right in the middle of things of course, but otherwise, I like to imitate a fly on the wall as much as I can to stay out of the way and document the day as it unfolds.

What kind of equipment do you use?
I use top of the line Canon and Sony cameras. For videography, I use dedicated camcorders and audio equipment with plenty of backups to make sure each important moment of your day is exquisitely captured. For photography, I own a collection of superb lenses and camera bodies to memorialize each beautiful detail in perfect clarity.

If our wedding is running late, will you stay late to capture more of the event?
Of course! I’ll stay as long as you want me to in order to capture all the memories, even if the reception runs until midnight. I always check in with you when my scheduled time is nearing, and ask you if you want me to stay longer for an overtime rate. I will bill you for additional time after the event at a rate of $199/hour.

When will we receive our finished products?
My couples know me best for my fast turnaround time! I can be a fairly impatient person when waiting for something good, so returning your completed works quickly is very important to me. I know how hard it is to be kept waiting to see the beautiful photographs or videos of your big day! I will send you the edited films within 4 weeks of your wedding date and edited images within 5 days, and usually even earlier than that.

How do you deliver your final products?
I deliver digital images and films through WeTransfer, Box or USB drive. Photo albums and USB drives will be mailed to your address.

Do you have backup videographers/photographers who will shoot the wedding if you’re sick?
Absolutely. I am in several networks of talented local videographers and photographers who will be able to step up and fill in for me. Please know that I take my responsibility as your wedding photographer or videographer very seriously and would only look for a replacement if I were seriously ill or otherwise incapacitated. In the years I have been shooting weddings, I have never missed one and aim to continue that streak for as long as I can!

Can we hire another photographer/videographer along with you?
My contract stipulates that I will be the sole photographer at your wedding, if you are booking a photography package with me, and that I will be the sole videographer if you are booking a videography package with me. This is important because it removes the risk of us getting in each other’s way, having conflicts or otherwise becoming entangled on your big day. If you are hiring me for videography and you want to book another company for photography however, you are completely free to do so!

Will our photos/videos be published on your website?
I am very proud of my work and love to show off my finished products on my website and social media sites! If you are uncomfortable with this, just let me know.

Can other guests take pictures at our wedding?
Of course! I just ask that during the ceremony, guests do not lean into the aisle to take photos as this obstructs my camera to get the perfect shots you want. I also ask that they are respectful of me and give me space as I work with you and your wedding party to take formal shots. In the case of formal shots, I usually give everyone a minute to snap away as much as they want at the wedding party, then ask them to move along to the cocktail hour so I can get your formals done efficiently and to help keep your eyes are focused on my camera without a crowd of other guests with phones and cameras around.

Do you follow a shot list?
I will send you a wedding day worksheet to complete a few weeks before the big day. This worksheet includes times and locations of where I need to be during the day, important moments you want captured on camera, and anything else you want me to be aware of. I will capture all the classic shots, such as the bridal party, couple shots, first kiss, grand entrance, etc. – not to worry!

Are you LGBTQ friendly?
Absolutely! As a proud member of the LGBTQ community myself, I know that love comes in all shapes and forms. Same-sex and queer weddings are some of my favorites to shoot because of how unique and non-traditional they are!

Photography FAQs

Do you work with a second photographer?
I’m a solo photographer! I prefer working alone as it helps me in my creative flow.

Are digital files watermarked?
None of your digital or print photographs will be watermarked. It takes away from the beauty of the image!

Do we get a print release of our images?
Yes! When working with me, you are welcome to print, edit and share your images as much as you’d like.

Cinematography FAQs

Do you work with a second cinematographer?
I’m a solo cinematographer! I prefer working alone as it helps me in my creative flow.

Can you get drone footage?
Absolutely! I am a certified Part 107 drone operator and love capturing breathtaking aerial footage. Drone video is one of the best elements you can add to your wedding video. It provides stunning establishing shots of your venue and immerses you into your wedding day experience.

How many cameras will you have?
All major events such as the ceremony and reception speeches will be covered with two cameras so you have multiple angles. Events such as bridal prep and cocktail hour will usually be covered with one camera.

How will you edit our film?
I tailor the filming and editing of your cinematic highlight film to your desired style and preferences. This is your day, and I want it to be captured as you envisioned it on video! If you want voiceover in your film of you saying your vows to each other, I’ll add that during editing. If you want it to have a fairytale feel, I will do my best to make it feel like you stepped into an enchanted land!

Can we pick our music?
You will have the choice of a great selection of music to become the backdrop of your wedding film. I have access to thousands of songs, in genres from pop to folk to rock. When editing your video, I will ask you for a genre or example of what type of music you are looking for and I can help you find the perfect song to match your vision!

Do you do live streaming?
Yes, I usually do live streaming of the ceremony straight from your device (phone, laptop, tablet) on your preferred social media platform. If you do not have a device to provide, I will use my own!

Business FAQs

What is your pricing?
Please see my Pricing page for information on video/photo package pricing!

Do you have business insurance?
Yes, absolutely.

What is your payment plan like?
Wedding planning and financing can be tough. My simple payment plan helps makes it easy for you! I take a 50% deposit at the time of your booking in order to secure your date in my booking calendar. The remaining balance must be paid at latest 7 days before the event.

If my wedding plans fall through, is the deposit refundable?
Unfortunately, the deposit is non-refundable. This is because when you sign a contract with me for a certain date and send in a deposit, I am turning down all other inquiries for bookings on that date and holding that time just for you.

Do we need to provide you a meal at the reception?
If you are booking me for six hours or more, I do ask that you provide me a meal at the reception. This will help keep me energized and spirited throughout the remainder of the night as I continue to document your evening! If you are booking me for less than six hours, you are not obligated to feed me, though it would be very generous of you if you did 🙂

Do we need to cover your parking fees?
Yes please. If there is not free parking at the venue, I will invoice you for the parking fees after your wedding.

Do we need to cover travel expenses?
Travel expenses are free for you if you are within 50 miles of Boston! If your wedding will take place farther than that, travel can be discussed with me.

Should pineapple go on pizza?
Yes! Pineapple adds a sweet and juicy touch to pizza that is delectable. I am open to further discussion on this topic.

Let me capture your dream wedding!